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chickswhoread's Journal

We like girlie books
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for girls/women to discuss books, particularly chicklit/romance, but any books are acceptable.

No pretentiousness here.

We just love to read.

But there are a few simple Rules

1. Be courteous to other members, flaming and blatant disrespect will get you banned.
2. Keep all spoilers behind a lj-cut. They are easy to use.
3. This community is about the discussion of books, no pimping of other communities here.
4. No large images.
5. When posting a book review use this format and add an lj-cut if the review contains spoilers

Introduce yourself upon joining and answer these questions:

1. Name/username:
2. Age:
4. Favorite type of book:
5. Favorite author
6. Favorite book at the moment