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Book Challenge 2010: #7 - Dracula

Book Title: Dracula
Author: Bram Stoker
Release Date: 1897
Review Despite being a huge horror nerd, I never actually sat down and read Dracula. After tackling it, I wish I'd read it sooner. Everyone pretty much knows the plot, at least in general, so I'll spare you a recap. What amazed me is how much gets left out of the adaptations of the book. There are entire characters that don't make the cut, like ex-pat cowboy Quincey Morris (who intrigued me so much that I'm trying to write a spec script adaptation of the story from his point of few). Also, even the grisliest of Dracula movies haven't captured some of the awesome, gory, gothic details that the book gorgeously describes.

My only letdown was the ending. It has a HUGE buildup and then ends it in a page and a half. After spending 200 pages reading about rich white British women being all woeful with the vampire vapors, I would've appreciated, I don't know, a more epic ending. Still, I can see know why Dracula is the Citizen Kane of gothic lit.

bqueenbandit's book challenge tally: 7 out of 20
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