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My April Reads

I did pretty good this month. I read twi more books in April than I did in March. Had my father not had some health issues which needed my time and attention, I probably would have read more and worried less. This puts me at 59 books for the year!

These are all the books I read this month going from my most recent read to the book I finished on April 2.

I'm going to bold the books that I liked the best. If you'd like links to any of the reviews, just ask.

1. Kay Clifford - Recipe Of Love

2. Heather MacAllister - His Little Black Book

3. Susan Meier - Married In The Morning

4. Rebbeca Winter/Dominque Burton - A Mother's Wedding Day

5. Julie Kenner - Moonstruck

6. Jen Lancaster - Bright Lights, Big Ass (Highly Recommend for a good laugh)

7. Marta Perry - Promise Forever

8. Katherine Arthur - Loving Deceiver

9. Kimberly Raye/Samantha Hunter - Blazing Bedtime Stories IV

10. Betty Neels - Never The Time And The Place

11. Rhonda Nelson - 1-900-LOVER

12. Judy Kaye - Letters Of Love

13. Jacqueline D'Alessandro/Joanne Rock/Kathleen O'Reilly - A Blazing Little Christmas

14. Catherine George - Consolation Prize

15. Alexandra Scott - An Old Affair

16. Patricia Knoll - Always A Bridesmaid

17. Carly Phillips - Body Heat

18. Kathleen O'Reilly - Midnight Resolutions

19. Almost April - Zoa Sherburne (young adult)
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