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Book Title: Bright Lights, Big Ass
Author: Jen Lancaster
Release Date: 2007
Review I'm generally not a non-fiction kind of girl when it comes to reading. I like chick-lit, I like romance and some good paranormal books, but for the most part, non-fiction to me would be a cookbook. Then I discovered Jen Lancaster.

I discovered her books a few months back and I really wanted to read ALL of them. She writes snarky humor about her life. I knew instantly that I'd like her, and when I finally got a copy of Bright Lights Big Ass, I knew I was right, for the most part.

Jen is snarky, a little goofy, often mean, which means she should be my new best friend. However, she's a Republican. That kinda made me sigh sadly as right now, I prefer to distance myself from all of that breed of politician. Oh and she admits to reading Ann Coulter. Ewww.

However her attitude and her life in general make for good reading. OK, they make for more than good reading, they make for good laughing. If you don't want people looking at you funny, don't read this book in public, because you will laugh out loud.

Some of her issues will really have you shaking your head and some will have you nodding in agreement, especially her issue with nudity in the spa. You really have to read it appreciate it.

There's too much funny to go into, but some of the things she talks about are Rachael Ray, her temp jobs and her neighbors. Pretty normal stuff, eh? But not with Jen.

This was one of the funniest books I've read in ages and I still wouldn't mind having Jen as a friend, as long as she didn't talk politics


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